Women’s Self Defense Seminar

# Introductory Seminars  

Spread awareness amongst the women employees in your organization about these life protection skills. Seminars are aimed to cover a larger audience and ignite the spark of confidence about one’s strengths. It’s a dip in the ocean of possibilities of how one’s life can be saved if a situation arises

#Prg01 : Approach to Self Protection – A framework for “Self Protection” <Image space>

  • Role of Awareness & understanding personal space
  • The attacker’s psyche & your Fighting back mindset
  • Understanding your strengths & weaknesses
  • Common Self Defense situations & their solutions
  • Using everyday objects for self defense
  • Loaded with tips for self protection
  • Group size: 30 to 35     |   Age group: All age groups    | Duration: 60 to 75 mins
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