It is important to remember that no matter what changes have occurred, Wing Chun has always been a method of combat that focuses on simplicity, directness and efficiency. The core founding concepts of Wing Chun have been intricately crafted in poems known as the Wing Chun Kuen Kuit or fighting songs created during the Red Boat Opera period.

These martial songs encompass timeless principles which can be seen in all styles of Wing Chun, regardless of the lineage. For the intelligent student these songs provide the guidelines to form their own understanding of Wing Chun and its applications in daily life.

At IWCA we believe that while it is important to know the history of Wing Chun and give respect to those who have come before us, our duty is to practice hard to master, even improve on the skills they have passed on.

In Grandmaster Ip Man’s own words: “It can thus be said that the Wing Chun System was passed on to us in a direct line of succession from its origin. I write this history of the Wing Chun System in respectful memory of my forerunners. I am eternally grateful to them for passing to me the skills I now possess. A man should always think of the source of the water as he drinks it; it is this shared feeling that keeps our Kung Fu brothers together.”

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