Best Wing Chun in Pune – Shivaji nagar:
Address: W Shivaji Vyayam Mandal, K-Plot near Ganapati Chowk, Hotel Shailja Lane, J.M. Road, Shivaji Nagar Gavathan, Pune 411 005.
Landmark : Raje Shivaji Climbing Wall.

Class Timings: Saturday & Sun  (09:00 am to 11:00 am / 10:00 am to 12:00 pm ) .  (Each session is 2 hrs, total 8 sessions / month i.e. 16 hrs of training / month).


For student inquiry about starting your wing chun practice in Pune, contact the IWCA Training Coordinator – Nevin Joy +91 7977252112

Learn from Wing Chun in Pune from India’s Wing Chun specialists – India Wing Chun Academy has been successfully training Wing Chun Kung Fu in Delhi & Mumbai. Now get the same Wing Chun Kung Fu training in Pune.

IWCA’s extensive curriculum has been drafted after studying the contemporary offering in the Martial Arts & Fitness centers in Mumbai. No need to enroll at multiple fitness centers when you can get a plethora of martial skills at one place.

  • Practical Wing Chun: Fusion of Hong Kong’s traditional Wing Chun training methods combined with the solutions to Self Defense situations from Indian perspective. To know more about our exhaustive curriculum, please click on
  • Choice of Super Warm ups:
    • Cross Fit Warm ups: High Intensity contemporary warm ups. Lose weight, improve your endurance with our Cross Fit warm ups. No need to spend extra money for cross-fit, when you get Fitness with a Purpose at IWCA Delhi.
    • Flexibility / Stretch warm ups: Get a complete full body stretch with this warm up and activate your joints to your maximum potential. Improves flexibility right from the feet to your neck, to beat the sedentary life style.
    • Qigong Warm ups: Ancient Chinese system of Internal Kung Fu aimed at giving you a whole body connectivity, super co-ordination between joints, sinews, muscles & skeletal structure to optimize the power generation for both combat situation & everyday life’s physical stress.


  • Filipino Martial Arts / Kali Escrima: IWCA team has learned the “Dekiti Tirsia Siradas” system of Kali Escrima in Phillipines under the direct tutelage of GM Jerson Tortal Jr. Defense against Sticks, Swords, Knives & Guns is an integral part of IWCA Curriculum.
  • Ground Fighting skills: Learn ground fighting skills based on Wing Chun principles as taught by International Wing Tsun Association (IWTA) of our GGM Leung Ting. Get the same ground fighting skills as practiced by European Wing Tsun Organization (EWTO)

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