Q: What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

A: Wing Chun is one of the most widely practiced Kung Fu styles in the world. It specializes in short-range combat, using punches and kicks along with a tight defense and agile, rooted footwork for simultaneous attack and defense.

Q: What advantages does studying Wing Chun offer?

A: Wing Chun’s superior fighting skills and strategic concepts allow weaker, smaller people – including women – to confidently defend themselves against bigger,  stronger opponents.

Q: How is Wing Chun different from other martial arts?

A: Wing Chun’s  focus is on practical fighting applications rather than aesthetics and beauty of form;  it teaches you to use both hands and one leg simultaneously to overwhelm your opponent; its unique ‘sticky hands’ exercise (Chi Sao) prepares you for actual combat situations;  it does not require you to be physically strong; and regular Wing Chun practice does not damage your body or joints, so you can stay fighting fit, even improve with age.

Q: What additional benefits does Wing Chun offer compared to other self-defense systems?

A: Wing Chun can be mastered within a short learning period of 3-4 years; it will give you fast,  focused and direct fighting skills; it is a proven, scientific use of body mechanics to deliver and overcome superior force; it specializes in economy of motion and effort;  and it trains the body to be soft, relaxed and healthy.

Q: Will learning Wing Chun skills help me defend myself in real-life situations? 

A: Wing Chun is an extremely effective and proven self-defense system. We are confident that you will be able to successfully yourself against strong physical attacks by the time you finish IWCA’s standard curriculum.

Q: How does Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD) system differ from Wing Chun?

A: The hugely popular movie star Bruce Lee began his study of Wing Chun at a very young age under GM Ip Man in Hong Kong. Later, he also studied other fighting arts such as western boxing to create his own unique self-defense system known as Jeet Kune Do (JKD). While both JKD and Wing Chun are highly effective, Wing Chun skills can be easily masteredin 3-4 years by the average person practicing for a few hours every week. Also, Wing Chun has been proven time and again under testing conditions for over 200 years.


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