Being a working woman today is like juggling a dozen balls in the air while performing a balancing act on a unicycle. So many things to do for others, while also living up to her own expectations and aspirations.
At the same time, the rising crime rate against women is a constant presence in the news – which if not incites fear at least raises the heartbeat.
What if……. Can I…..??? These are some of the questions that rush through her mind the moment she hears or reads another incident of a damsel in distress.

What are the real-life challenges for a woman facing physical assaults?

  • Her opponent is typically bigger and stronger than her. In most incidents of physical assaults, the attackers are larger and very aggressive. Trying to defeat them by strength is surefire way to lose.
  • Generally speaking, women are not inherently aggressive. A woman’s natural instinct is to protect herself and get out of the situation unharmed rather than hurting the opponent, Lara Croft-style.

Considering these very real challenges India Wing Chun Academy has created a logical and women oriented self-defense program which focuses on the following three critical issues –

  1. Overcoming strength with skill – Brain vs Brawn
  2. How not to get hit – ‘Covering’ one’s weaker areas
  3. Getting out – Making a quick finish and exiting unharmed

In brief, India Wing Chun Academy’s self-defense strategy for women consists of the following four steps:

Step 1: All-Round Defense
Responding to an oncoming attack is all about how to position our hands in a way that is instinctive and happens automatically; ambidextrous, using both hands interchangeably; protects you at all times, preventing your attacker from reaching your body; and is a quick response that allows you to hit your intended targets rapidly and escape unharmed.

1-UNPREPARED POSITION1. Unprepared Response Position

2-ALL ROUND DEFENSE2. All-Round Defense Position

Step 2: Cover and Attack Simultaneously
The ‘All-Round Defense’ position allows you to use both hands simultaneously to carry out two different activities.
Left hand: Most people are right handed and hence will attack with their right hand. We show you how to use your left hand in tan sao position to cover yourself from the attack.
Right hand: Since most attackers use only one hand at a time, you will outwit your attacker by defending with your ‘weaker’ hand while your strong arm is free for your own counterattack, which can either be a punch or palm strike to your opponent’s center.

SIMULTANEOUS DEFENSE & ATTACK3. Simultaneous Attack and Defense

Step 3: Exploit the Opportunity Fully
Most attackers expect you to either run or give a weak, predictable reaction. Your quick resolute response will surprise the opponent, but only for a few seconds at best. You need to exploit the opportunity and continuously bombard your attacker with machine gun-like punches or palm strikes. This will push your attacker into a defensive mindset.

Step 4: Making a Quick Exit
You now have the opportunity to make a quick exit without any harm to yourself. While escaping you may want to use the surroundings to your advantage – for example, by pushing the attacker causing him to trip over the footpath or pushing any nearby object like a dustbin or a drum to dissuade him from chasing you further.

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  1. Excellent opening piece on a very interesting topic. Looking forward to the second piece on this topic!

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