Considered the nucleus of the Wing Chun system, Siu Lim Tao can be considered both the initial as well as the advanced form of Wing Chun. Up to 75% of all Wing Chun moves and principles are ingrained in this stationary form, which consists of 3 sections. Each section further has 3 subsections, each of which encapsulates a core concept of wing Chun philosophy.

Learning the form’s movements is just the start and merely introduces you to the outer crust of the multilayered, complex Wing Chun system. Each movement practiced hundreds of times with relaxed intent and later coupled with chi gong breathing multiplies the potency of the form and contributes to strengthening of your Wing Chun skills.

The so-called ‘Three Terrors of Wing Chun’ – Tan, Bong and Fook sao are introduced in the first section of Siu Lim Tao itself. Along with the form, the IWCA curriculum will make you an expert in the names and the application of each move in both standalone movement and its various chi sao applications.

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