Personal Trainings

# Personal Trainings: We recommend personalized training as supplement to “Group Training”. While the group training allows you to practice with different body type opponents, the “Personalized training” deepens the skills learned. These trainings are conducted at our premises with each session lasting for an hour. Minimum 2 sessions have to be taken to ensure good transfer of knowledge. In case of residential personalized training packages are of minimum 10 sessions exclusive of instructor travel cost (based on actual).  Contact us for more details.


# Instructor Training: This is specialized course for those aspiring to become Wing Chun instructors. If you have a gym of your own or are a gym trainer, IWCA can train you to become an IWCA affiliated Wing Chun instructor. Intensive crash course of 2 weeks in a period of 2 to 3 months followed by an exam to become an IWCA affiliated Certified Wing Chun instructor. Currently the instructor training happens only at IWCA HQ –Mumbai Contact us for more details.



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