My name is Harish. I’m originally from Hyderabad, now known as Telangana state. I have been practicing Wing Chun for 5 months under the Delhi Trainer Suresh Nair; I’m currently in the first module of the 3-year IWCA curriculum.

A passion for learning self-defense started my search for a complete and perfect fighting skill. In 2010, I saw the movie Ip Man with Donnie Yen. Perceiving that Wing Chun is a very skilled martial art, I started searching for a top-quality school in India.

In 2013, I learned about IWCA Delhi and started training there. Between then and now, I feel I have improved a lot in terms of understanding and improving my balance and positioning my body and spine to form the right structure for practicing a ‘soft style’ of Wing Chun. Since I have started training, I can see that I have become more disciplined, confident, slim, fit, energetic and focused. My reflexes have improved noticeably.

I have also learned about the core Wing Chun theory of centerline and its applications, as well as how to absorb an external force and apply it back to my opponent. So far I have found Wing Chun to be both highly effective, but also very spiritual – in that one learns how to use one’s natural energy rather than needing physical strength and muscular power.

To understand Wing Chun in depth and learn more about its application in daily life, I stopped over in Mumbai for a weekend in September 2014 to train at Mumbai IWCA headquarters in Borivali under Sifu Shiv, IWCA’s Head Instructor.


At first I thought I would be learning new techniques. Instead, Sifu Shiv’s classes helped me to understand basic concepts at subtler level related to application. I finally understood why Wing Chun is so ideal for self-defense and I felt I could become unbeatable if I could master the techniques and strategies found in Wing Chun.

Some of the important points I took away from my training sessions at Mumbai include –

  • How to maintain ideal Wing Chun ‘structure’
  • Application of mind in conflict situations
  • How to finish a fight faster with effective application of chain punching
  • Understanding my opponent’s intention through bridging
  • The concept of ligament power, and
  • The importance of footwork.


Overall I am very pleased with the quality of Wing Chun I have learned so far at IWCA Mumbai and Delhi – and I look forward to my future Wing Chun journey!

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