My journey with India Wing Chun Academy (IWCA) started in May 2013. I had been searching for a long time to learn a martial art designed around soft power. Without having a clue about Wing Chun Kung Fu, I was drawn towards it due to the simple fact that it can be learned by anyone irrespective of age and gender; which was exactly what I was looking for.

It was a warm summer afternoon when along with my fiancée, I met the Delhi IWCA Trainer Suresh Nair at India gate. I was immensely impressed by the way he deflected all my punches and how I got hit every time I went to attack him, sometimes even without looking at what I was doing.
And thus my endeavor to learn this fighting art began.

Currently, under the IWCA curriculum, I have graduated to the second module, wherein I have been introduced to the essence of the Siu Lim Tao (the little idea) form. By this time I have learned to keep my calm and composure to defend against different types of punches that one can imagine and expect in a street fight – although I have to still keep on working on it.

In August 2014, when I got an opportunity to train directly under IWCA Head Instructor Sifu Shiv in Mumbai, I immediately packed my bags. As it was my first one-on-one training session with him, my expectations were to only improve my skills that I have acquired under the second module.

But what I received from Sifu Shiv was completely unexpected for me. I was introduced to a higher form of Siu Lim Tao which enabled me to have a deeper understanding of the form and truly understand the effect of relaxation on soft power.


I was also introduced to Lap sao and single hand Dan chi sao with their various applications. I was totally amazed by the fact that how a weak person can easily defeat a much stronger person by simply using both hands simultaneously. It felt like we were enacting the scenes from the Ip Man movies, with me being thrown around while Sifu Shiv was standing and smiling at me (Click to watch training video).

Alas, like every good thing that comes to an end, my brief training period also came to an end. Nevertheless, this training session has enhanced my belief and faith on this ancient art and I was content that I was learning the right art from the right people.

Like our Delhi IWCA Trainer Suresh Nair always tells us – “Wing Chun is a thinking man’s fighting art”. I truly believe this as we, at IWCA, emphasize mastering not only the forms but also the many applications and improvisations of this art to create our own masterpiece as per our own personal requirements.
It’s like creating one’s own song after having learned all the words!!!

I look forward to my future Wing Chun journey with IWCA.

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  1. Very well written piece, interesting to read. Keep it up!

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