Module 3 : Chum Kiu & Supplementary Martial Skills

# 03 White Sash: Chum Kiu & Supplementary Martial Skills             (Duration: 6 to 8 months / 96 to 120 hrs)

Chum Kiu or “Seeking / Sinking the Bridge” is the second form of Wing Chun.  Know more about Chum Kiu

  1. Wing Chun Curriculum <Image space>

–      Detailed form: Complete understanding of the motions & energies in Chum Kiu form

–      Self Defense Applications: Exhaustive applications of Chum Kiu moves against single & multiple opponents

–      Beginner level Chi Sao: Double hand chi sao.  The Leung Ting Chi Sao sections or two man drills

– Theory & Practices of Poon Sau or the Double Hand Chi Sao –

– Chi Sao Section 1: Sequence of real fighting Chi Sao moves from combat perspective focusing on upper gates

– Chi Sao Section 2 : Grappling / Arm locks in Chi Sao & how to get out of them

– Chi Sao Section 3 : Intermediate Poon Sau for upper & lower gates attacks and their response.

  1. Supplementary martial skills : Special compilation of useful skills from contemporary martial arts

–  Intermediate Ground Fighting: Using Wing Chun principles & motions

–  Intermediate Dekiti Tirsia Siradas (DTS) Kali/Escrima: Assault response against Bladed & Impact Weapons

  1. Certification: “White Sash” Examination ————

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