Module 1 : Fundamentals of Wing Chun

Student Curriculum

At IWCA the students not only learns Authentic Wing Chun skills, they also get “Supplementary Martial Skills”. Every level of the curriculum is loaded with “Ground Fighting” based on Wing Chun principles and indigenous Filipino Martial arts – Dekiti Tirsia Siradas (DTS) system of Kali Escrima. There is also a separate DTS curriculum for “Defense minded civilians”. Click here to know more about Dekiti Tirsia Siradas system of Kali Escrima.

Certification: Post the completion of the curriculum at each level, the student has to appear for the examination. The student appearing for the exam is encouraged to pass in the first attempt which is not charged. In case the student cannot clear in the first attempt, all the attempts then are charged as per the IWCA code.


# 01 White Sash: Wing Chun Self Defense                                              (Duration: 6 to 8 months / 96 to 120 hrs)

Understand the fundamentals of Wing Chun & their applications in +40 Self Defense situations. Solutions to self defense puzzles in a very practical & effective manner using Wing Chun. The curriculum covers

  1. Wing Chun Curriculum <Image space>
  • Wing Chun Theory: Four Gates & Center Line Theory ; Lines of attack and cover ; Combat Distances : 4 Combat ranges and Inner & Outer gates ; Theory of Body Triangles ; Energies Yin & Yang concept
  • Anatomical Weapons: Use of various body weapons based on their combat range & ballistic impact. Two man drills and power generation training methods.

– Hard weapon s: 3 types of fundamental punches

– Soft weapons: 7 types of Palm attacks

– Covering motions : 7 covering motions for defense

– Elbows attacks: 4 devastating elbow attacks

– Long range weapons: 2 Extended arm attacks

– Beginning Kicks: 2 kicks & related footwork

– Stances & Footwork

– Basic Sparring skills

  • Self Defense situations: Assault response to more than 40 self defense situations using Wing Chun combatives.
  1. Supplementary martial skills : Special compilation of useful skills from contemporary martial arts

-Introduction to Dekiti Tirsia Siradas (DTS) Kali/Escrima:

  1. Certification: “White Sash” Examination ————

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