Long Pole & WD Chi Sao Sec 1 to 4

# 06 Advanced Wing Chun: Long Pole form & applications; Wooden Dummy Chi sao sections 1 to 4   (Duration: 6 to 8 months / 96 to 120 hrs)

Luk Dim Boon Kwan Form or 6 ½ Long Pole form teaches the use of distance weapons. Wing Chun’s empty-handed fighting concepts applied to long distance weapon.  To know more about Luk Dim Boon Kwan Form.

  • Detailed form: Complete understanding of the motions & energies of Long Pole form
  • Long pole preparation: Long pole exercises, in-built technology theories, power training & combat applications.
  • Power development: Strengthening exercises and various whole body exercises to you prepare the articulations / joints for combat applications, Two man sensitivity & combat drills with pole i.e. Chi Quan or Chi Sao of the long pole.
  • Skill development: Explore different angles, leg positions and body movements to develop the necessary skills to manage the long pole effectively.

–      Advanced level Chi Sao: The Wooden Dummy Chi Sao sections or two man drills

– Sec 1: Connects the previous 7 sections and integrates directly into Biu Tze applications, various angles of attacks and positions of the arms.

– Sec 2: A very complicated & dangerous. Includes all aspects of the Biu Tze, including the many dangers, striking areas and the effects of the strikes on the body.

– Sec 3:  Covers various attacks by utilizing internal Pak Saos with direct Biu Tze attacks to the neck, methods to discharge these attacks and counter attack.

– Sec 4: Focuses on various ranges for Biu Tze entries from long to short. How to apply Biu Tze against boxing jabs or various strikes.

– Sec 5: Direct Biu Tze attacks with partner responds with footwork and sidestepping. Chi Sao Section 4: Both practitioners have to apply both of their hands to do different moves simultaneously

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