Q: What is India Wing Chun Academy (IWCA)?

A: IWCA is a newly formed non-profit trust dedicated to acquiring knowledge about top-quality Wing Chun and spreading this knowledge throughout India.

Q: How long is IWCA’s standard curriculum and what will I learn?

A: IWCA’s standard curriculum requires 3-4 years of continuous practice. You will learn basic punching, striking and deflections/covering motions;  Chi Sao;  Siu Lim Tao (first form) and its Chi Sao applications; Chum Kiu(second form) and its Chi Sao applications; Biu Gee (third form) and its Chi Sao applications; and finally, Mook Yan Jong (wooden dummy). At this point you will be able to confidently defend yourself against strong physical attacks.

Q: Does IWCA offer higher levels of Wing Chun training besides the standard curriculum?

A: Yes. Along with IWCA’s standard curriculum, you can also practice one or more short elective courses to qualify as a Trainer, Associate Instructor Level 1 and Associate Instructor Level 2. Additionally, IWCA will soon be offering specialized modules, including a Fighter module for competitions and ring fights.

Q: Do you offer weapons training?

A: You can begin Bart Chum Dao (double butterfly knives) and long pole/staff training only after successful completion of IWCA’s standard curriculum. No exceptions are allowed.

Q: Are you affiliated with any Chinese GM?

A: Currently IWCA is not affiliated to any Wing Chun GM. However, our intention is always to take our learning and testing to the next level. Needless to say, IWCA prefers to understand and test any master’s teachings before accepting them into the curriculum. That way, we know for sure that whatever Wing Chun we practice works for us – and you.

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