GM Ip Man began studying martial arts as a teenager in Foshan when he became the last student of Chan Wah Shun. Later, when the young Ip Man went to Hong Kong to attend school, he was introduced to an elderly martial arts master. Being young and brash, Ip Man challenged this older gentleman, but lost to him. Later he found out that this man was in fact Leung Bik, the son of his grandmaster, Leung Jan. For the next several years Ip Man improved his Wing Chun skills under Leung Bik’s guidance before moving back to Foshan.

Due to the Communist Party takeover in 1949, Ip Man lost his wealth and status and was forced to relocate to Hong Kong. He found shelter at the Restaurant Workers Association of Kowloon and began teaching Wing Chun to its members.

In a short time, Ip Man’s classes grew to attract members from outside of the association. Eventually he went on to teach thousands of students, including the late movie star Bruce Lee as well as many others, who became accomplished Wing Chun masters in their own right.


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