While the first form Siu Lim Tao is based on basic hand structures,  Chum Kiu seeks to combine these with effective use of body mass.  Chum Kiu means ‘searching the bridge’.  In Kung Fu, our two arms are called the bridge – to the opponent – and we use them to search for the opponent’s arms and sense their intent.  Chum Kiu is based on the application of body mass to both arms and legs. With a strong Siu Lim Tao foundation, it becomes relatively easy to apply a strong attack force and structure in combination with Chum Kiu skills.

The goal of Chum Kiu is to teach you to use your entire body mass to contact and overwhelm the opponent by efficient body mass transfer at the points of contact of arms and legs.  The second goal of Chum Kiu is to learn to apply bidirectional forces. Once you understand the sophisticated theories behind Chum Kiu and practice it well, you will automatically learn how to apply your entire body mass during combat.

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