Leung Jan had a well-known disciple named Chan Wah Shun or ‘Money Changer Wah’ (due to his job as a currency exchanger), who would later become the first Sifu or teacher of Grandmaster Ip Man.

Chan owned a coin changing stall near Leung Jan’s herbal medicine clinic in Foshan. It is said he developed great strength and agility over the years from carrying heavy loads of coins every day. Chan had learned some other martial arts before learning Wing Chun from Leung Jan. Chan went on to become famous in Foshan, winning many challenge fights.

Chan also learned traditional Chinese Medicine from Leung Jan, eventually closing his money changing business and opening a healing clinic. He accepted his last student, Ip Man, when he was 70 years old, but was only able to teach him for three years.

Before passing away, Chan asked his second student, Ng Chung-Sok, to continue Ip Man’s Wing Chun education.


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