Biu Tze & Biu Tze Chi Sao Sec 1 to 5

Advanced Wing Chun: Only for IWCA Instructors

The following levels are accessible only to the IWCA Instructors who have completed the entire student curriculum levels. This is a privilege given to the aspiring instructors and already instructors to take their Wing Chun skills to the next level of advancement.

# 05 Advanced Wing Chun: Biu Tze form & applications; Biu Tze Chi sao sections 1 to 5   (Duration: 6 to 8 months / 96 to 120 hrs)

Third form which is the most secretive and dangerous. Biu Tze teaches how to transmit more energy concentrating on increased relaxation and awareness of developing extra power. It is considered to be one of the longest and complicated form, increases your technique range, with more elbow strikes & increased footwork.

–      Detailed form: Complete understanding of the motions & energies of Biu Tze form

–      Self Defense Applications: Exhaustive applications of each section of the Biu Tze form

–      Advanced level Chi Sao: The Biu Tze Chi Sao sections or two man drills

– Sec 1: Connects the previous 7 sections and integrates directly into Biu Tze applications, various angles of attacks and positions of the arms.

– Sec 2: A very complicated & dangerous. Includes all aspects of the Biu Tze, including the many dangers, striking areas and the effects of the strikes on the body.

– Sec 3:  Covers various attacks by utilizing internal Pak Saos with direct Biu Tze attacks to the neck, methods to discharge these attacks and counter attack.

– Sec 4: Focuses on various ranges for Biu Tze entries from long to short. How to apply Biu Tze against boxing jabs or various strikes.

– Sec 5: Direct Biu Tze attacks with partner responds with footwork and sidestepping. Chi Sao Section 4: Both practitioners have to apply both of their hands to do different moves simultaneously

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