Bart Chum Dao & WD Chi Sao Sec 5 to 8

# 07 Advanced Wing Chun: Butterfly Knives form & applications; Wooden Dummy Chi sao sections 5 to 8   (Duration: 6 to 8 months / 96 to 120 hrs)

Complete 8 sections of the Bart Chum Dao or the Butterfly Knives Form of Wing Chun.  To know more about Bart Chum Dao Form.

  • Detailed form: Complete understanding of the motions & energies of Long Pole form
  • Applications: Understand the applications of all the 8 sections of the Bart Chum dao and its relevance to the different types of weapons.
  • Skill development: Using Bart Chum Dao in all the earlier forms of Wing Chun… i.e. right from Siu Lim Tao to the wooden dummy form with knives.

–      Advanced level Chi Sao: The Wooden Dummy Chi Sao sections or two man drills

  • Sec 5: Knee-stamping-Kick applications in Chi Sao, attacking & defensive applications of double crossed gan sau
  • Sec 6: Complete Po-pai or Butterfly palms applications in Chi Sao
  • Sec 7: Rare applications of the cross step in the 7th section of the wooden dummy
  • Sec 8: Pulling hand applications of the 8th section, knee stomping & sweeping kicks in Chi Sao

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