‘INDIA WING CHUN ACADEMY (IWCA) is your premier source of Wing Chun Kung Fu in India’.

IWCA specializes in imparting sound basic principles balanced with customized advanced training and employ a practical, injury-free approach to learning and applying Wing Chun for self-development and self-protection.

IWCA Motto

Thorough and in-depth knowledge of Wing Chun’s principles and concepts combined with dedicated practice over many years to evolve one’s own fighting skills is the only way to become a true Wing Chun Warrior.


To help our students become healthier, fitter and more confident with a basic mastery of Wing Chun skills. How far they develop their skills depends on their personal level of commitment, of course!

IWCA Vision

To impart world-class Wing Chun skills by creating outstanding role-model IWCA instructors in all major Indian cities.

IWCA Promise

To provide our students with both high-quality theoretical knowledge as well as practical Wing Chun fighting and self-defense skills.

Admission and Membership

IWCA charges a one time administration fees in the 1st month along with the monthly fees. For more details about the current fees for your nearest IWCA center please mail us at indiawingchun@gmail.com

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