1. Introduction to Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) Kali Eskrima

Introduction to Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) Kali Eskrima

Kali or Eskrima or Arnis are three interchangeable umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines also referred as “Filipino Martial Arts” (FMA). This national sport and martial art of the Philippines is a combination of both weapon-based & empty hand fighting methods. Click here to know more about the various aspects of Empty hand & Weapons system of FMA.


Classification of FMA systems: There are many FMA styles across Philippines. These indigenous systems were inherited by families, forged under real battle conditions and over the period evolved into their current forms   For broad understanding the FMA styles can be classified as follows

  • Sports based systems: Focus only on the sports aspects of FMA i.e. Arnis stick fighting etc.


  • Specialized systems: Specializes only on particular aspects of FMA i.e. Empty hand, Kicking, Grappling or any specific weapons like Knife fighting, Single stick or double sticks etc.


  • Military systems: Combines the core & lethal elements of both empty hand & weapons based systems of FMA for military perspective. Dekiti Tirsia Siradas system like the Pekiti Tirsia Kali is one such is Military FMA system.

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